Fic: A Regular Disney Princess, [RPF] Tom/Chris, Hiddlesworth

Title: A Regular Disney Princess
Author: glayish
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Tom/Chris (Hiddlesworth)
Words: ~7400

Written for the following prompt on the norsekink meme:

Chris has a thing for being called “princess”. (Maybe it’s part of a forced feminization kink, who knows.) Tom finds out by accident when he notices Chris’s reaction to a joking comment from RDJ on set. (Seems like something RDJ would say.)

However Tom uses this knowledge is up to the filler.

If it leads to sex, sub!Chris please, though whoever you want pitching is fine.  

Pinto Fic: Real Life as Seen on Movie Sets

Title: Real Life as Seen on Movie Sets
Author: glayish
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~16,000, COMPLETE
Pairing: Zach/Chris, Benedict/Chris Mentioned: Kirk/Spock, Dominique Piek, Jonathan Groff
Summary: See, the thing is? Benedict Cumberbatch is one damn hard act to follow.
Author’s Notes: This is a long one-shot that features were-actually-just-good-friends!Pinto from first movie’s filming and movie set antics with the entire cast filming the sequel.

Quinto just really hates Cumberbatch. Because of Chris Pine.