GENRE AU MEME | thorki: mockumentary; asked by sherlocksmith

US Weekly - After the shocking events that rocked the Odinson household this past month, including but not limited to: rumors of son Loki’s adoption, his subsequent suicide attempts, and arrest warrants for drug possession, the two brothers - Loki and Thor - have created a “Day in the Life” video that’s gone viral.  One part mockumentary, and two parts documentary, they show us the life they’ve been forced to live, as well as the secret life they keep hidden.




'We started this journey together and never want it to end.' (x) (x)

(The source video contains SPOILERS of ‘Thor: The Dark World’)

Chris grasps Tom by the arm in the first gif.




Yup, this is my most favorite bromance in the world. Bless these two.

Also, this is this exact transcript of Tom’s interview at that moment:

"… and I’ve never had a brother…"

*Chris grabs Tom’s arm* *Tom looks at him*

"…but I’ve been adopted by the Hemsworths."