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Are you going update 'The Sky Upside Down'? I'll find a way to pay you ;) And do you have any Thor/Loki fic recs? :D (I'll pay you for them too)



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Yes… Yes I’m working on it. I’m actually working on finishing a one-shot I started writing after seeing Thor 2 to put up before the next chp of that story… so you can see how slow I am. OTLLLLL omg.

I haven’t been reading a lot recently, especially since I was working on my own rewrite of Thor 2 so I didn’t want to get influenced by other people’s work so I don’t have any new recs at the moment. But as with anything Thorki everything by illwynd always makes me happy in a pinch.

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Complicated/unhappy arranged marriage AU as requested by anon + bonus marriage counselor Heimdall and a happy ending.

Thor approaches his marriage to Loki with an open heart and mind, but is met with coldness and rejection. It’s only after they both seek out Heimdall’s wisdom that they find a way towards each other. Travelling the realms together and out of sight also helps. A lot.


Lights Out by takemetothedungeons

——-Brought in chains back to Asgard, Loki has a choice - marry Thor or die. He chooses life… for a moment.

Thor wants to say something; a reassurance, a plea, an apology all fighting for their way out, but Loki interjects before he can decide on one.

“We live, Thor.”

He nods.

Yes, they live. That is the crux of it. They make mistakes, but ultimately keep moving forward.

It’s enough.


the ice is getting thinner (1/3)


For all the meticulous and calculated planning he does, when Loki chooses to be impulsive, he somehow manages to go to the extremes of it. After a draining ten hour flight and being greeted by colourful signs that read “WELCOME TO THE OLYMPICS/VELKOMMEN TIL OL”, he should be in his own hotel room, but he isn’t. He should be asleep, but he is far from it.

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W R E C K  M E (thor, loki, and a mix of sad pop songs) 

i. blow me (one last kiss)- p!nk | ii. red- taylor swift | iii. i miss you- blink 182 | iv. payphone- maroon 5 | v. please dont leave me- p!ink | vi. wrecking ball- miley cyrus | vii. without you- david guetta + usher | viii. stay- rihanna | ix. a thousand years- christina perri